torsdag 13 september 2007

Utah Governor Urges Residents To Turn Off Lights

Gov. Jon Huntsman wants Utah residents and businesses to turn off all lights for one hour Sept. via KUTV - Original Story

tisdag 11 september 2007

Senate resolution honors miners, rescuers

"I have been saddened greatly by the events that have transpired in my home state throughout the past several weeks" The Senate passed a resolution today honoring the "courage and sacrifice" of the miners trapped and rescuers killed in the Crandall Canyon Mine accident last month. via Deseret News - Original Story

söndag 9 september 2007

Blumner: The difference between the two parties is as deep as a coal mine

A lot of people tell me that they are sick of both political parties. They claim the parties are essentially the same and it doesn't matter who is in power, since both the Democrats and the Republicans are in ... via Salt Lake Tribune - Original Story

fredag 7 september 2007

Preacher draws crowd at USU, saying - Mormonism is not true'

"We never know what the future holds." Holding a worn, leather-bound Bible, itinerant preacher Eli Brayley raised his hand and shouted, "Mormonism is not true." Gradually, he was encircled by about 50 students outside Utah State University's Taggart ... via The Herald Hournal - Original Story

onsdag 5 september 2007

Utah Housing Values Skyrocket

SALT LAKE CITY Much of the nation is dealing with flat or falling home prices -- but demand in Utah is driving values through the roof. via - Original Story

måndag 3 september 2007

Scientist Made First 911 Call About Mine

"There is no indication they are giving up" A seismologist who detected ground tremors was the first to notify authorities of the cave-in that trapped six miners, even before mine officials called for an ambulance, according to 911 recordings.University of Utah seismologist Walter Arabasz made his call about a potential problem at the Crandall Canyon mine early on Aug. 6, four minutes before mine officials made their call.The 911 tapes obtained Monday by The Associated Press showed that from the earliest moments scientists suspected the shaking came from a mine collapse, not a natural earthquake, as mine co-owner Bob Murray has maintained throughout the ordeal that has entered its fourth week. Read more - Original Story

lördag 1 september 2007

Fireproofing homes reduces forest fire size

"The message here is that fireproofing homes not only preserves structures, but limits the size of forest fires" Submitted by harminka on Fri, 2007-08-31 11:14. A new study involving the University of Colorado at Boulder that modeled the spread of forest fires in Colorado and other western states indicates the size and ... via - Original Story