torsdag 13 september 2007

Utah Governor Urges Residents To Turn Off Lights

Gov. Jon Huntsman wants Utah residents and businesses to turn off all lights for one hour Sept. via KUTV - Original Story

tisdag 11 september 2007

Senate resolution honors miners, rescuers

"I have been saddened greatly by the events that have transpired in my home state throughout the past several weeks" The Senate passed a resolution today honoring the "courage and sacrifice" of the miners trapped and rescuers killed in the Crandall Canyon Mine accident last month. via Deseret News - Original Story

söndag 9 september 2007

Blumner: The difference between the two parties is as deep as a coal mine

A lot of people tell me that they are sick of both political parties. They claim the parties are essentially the same and it doesn't matter who is in power, since both the Democrats and the Republicans are in ... via Salt Lake Tribune - Original Story

fredag 7 september 2007

Preacher draws crowd at USU, saying - Mormonism is not true'

"We never know what the future holds." Holding a worn, leather-bound Bible, itinerant preacher Eli Brayley raised his hand and shouted, "Mormonism is not true." Gradually, he was encircled by about 50 students outside Utah State University's Taggart ... via The Herald Hournal - Original Story

onsdag 5 september 2007

Utah Housing Values Skyrocket

SALT LAKE CITY Much of the nation is dealing with flat or falling home prices -- but demand in Utah is driving values through the roof. via - Original Story

måndag 3 september 2007

Scientist Made First 911 Call About Mine

"There is no indication they are giving up" A seismologist who detected ground tremors was the first to notify authorities of the cave-in that trapped six miners, even before mine officials called for an ambulance, according to 911 recordings.University of Utah seismologist Walter Arabasz made his call about a potential problem at the Crandall Canyon mine early on Aug. 6, four minutes before mine officials made their call.The 911 tapes obtained Monday by The Associated Press showed that from the earliest moments scientists suspected the shaking came from a mine collapse, not a natural earthquake, as mine co-owner Bob Murray has maintained throughout the ordeal that has entered its fourth week. Read more - Original Story

lördag 1 september 2007

Fireproofing homes reduces forest fire size

"The message here is that fireproofing homes not only preserves structures, but limits the size of forest fires" Submitted by harminka on Fri, 2007-08-31 11:14. A new study involving the University of Colorado at Boulder that modeled the spread of forest fires in Colorado and other western states indicates the size and ... via - Original Story

tisdag 28 augusti 2007

Lehi likely to approve huge residential-retail site plan

"Then you can actually start getting into more concrete design elements" After tonight Utahns could be a step closer to seeing what a Frank Gehry-designed hotel, water park and basketball arena would look like. via Salt Lake Tribune - Original Story

söndag 26 augusti 2007

Rachael Runyan Case Opened On 25th Anniversary of Child's Murder -...

"I don't know if I deserve an award" RACHAEL RUNYAN CASE REOPENED ON 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF CHILD'S MURDER POLICE RESTART INVESTIGATION & PARENTS OFFER BIG REWARD Twenty-five years after Rachael Runyan was snatched from a playground and murdered, the ... via Office of the Utah Attorney General - Original Story

fredag 24 augusti 2007

Field House goes techno

"It's a historical site, so we can't put anything on the outside of the building." The Einar Nielsen Field House recently installed four plasma TVs to its cardio area, which will be in operation starting today. via The Daily Utah Chronicle - Original Story

onsdag 22 augusti 2007

Bill removing Salt Lake County from Jordan School District split passes in landslide vote

"All we're trying to do is say, you know, we're important, we need a voice." A bill that would remove Salt Lake County's influence in a vote to split the Jordan School District passed the House by a landslide 62-11 in a special session this morning. via Deseret News - Original Story

måndag 20 augusti 2007

Stress Causes Killer Mine Bumps

"If you throw a hand grenade, it explodes small pieces around it, and if you get hit by it, you die" It's a benign name for something that explodes like a hand grenade. Mine "bumps" shoot high-speed coal and rock at anyone in the way as support pillars buckle. via KSL-TV Salt Lake City - Original Story

lördag 18 augusti 2007

Addressing the misuse of government property

Topic: Addressing the misuse of government property On July 27, I went to Wal-Mart in Payson. via The Daily Herald - Original Story

fredag 17 augusti 2007

Utah Mine Search Goes Deeper

"We have had some miners that have been working in the rescue effort that have asked to be relieved. They've been somewhat frightened" More than a week after a thunderous collapse, a search for six missing miners moved Tuesday toward the back of the mine, where officials hoped the men sought refuge in search of an air pocket.Crews were drilling another hole in the hopes of finding the men. They already have drilled two holes and fitted a camera down one of them, but they have yet to learn the coal miners' fate.The camera's ghostly images revealed only one indication of a miner's presence: a tool bag for hammers, wrenches and chisels hanging from a post, 3.4 miles from the entrance and more than 1,800 feet underground. Read more - Original Story

tisdag 14 augusti 2007

Reber appealed to U.S. Supreme Court

"The Ute Tribe is the only tribe in the U.S. where greater than 50 percent blood quantum is required" Reber appealed to U.S. Supreme Court Lezlee Whiting 14.AUG.07 Potential To Impact Attempted Murder Case A man who claims that his "treaty rights" allowed him to hunt and fish without the need for a Utah hunting ... via The Uintah Basin Standard - Original Story

söndag 12 augusti 2007

Anti-gay church cheers disaster

"Being in politics, you see people use tragedies for their own personal political benefit. It is sad that they do so." The statement comes across a fax machine with all the impact of a kick in the gut: "Thank God for the Utah Mine Disaster." Members of a Kansas-based church notorious for picketing military funerals to generate ... via Deseret News - Original Story

lördag 11 augusti 2007

Officials mourn Faust's passing

"My father felt that he was somebody he could talk to." As news of the late-night passing of LDS President James E. Faust spread on Friday, leaders in the political and legal communities said Faust was well-respected as a church leader, an attorney and tireless ... via Deseret News - Original Story

onsdag 8 augusti 2007

Witnesses testify at hearing for ex-mayor

Topic: Witnesses testify at hearing for ex-mayor Eagle Mountain is the cesspool of Utah, it is in the news constantly and that news is always bad. via Daily Herald - Original Story

måndag 6 augusti 2007

Utahs On the Spot Vehicle Renewal Program Recognized with National Awards for Marketing Excellence

The Utah State Tax Commission, Division of Motor Vehicles received the GovMark Council award for Best State and Local Marketing, as well as the Best Overall Marketing Program for its " On the Spot " marketing ... via Utah Business - Original Story

lördag 4 augusti 2007

Is abstinence-only enough while STDs rise?

Topic: Is abstinence-only enough while STDs rise? By the way, for comparison the Utah rate in 2005 was 3.86 . Are you saying that the Netherlands, the world's most liberal country, has a teen pregnancy rate ... via The Daily Herald - Original Story

fredag 3 augusti 2007

Prescription Drug Addiction: A Utah Epidemic

"I kept the bottle with me and I didn't have good tolerance for pain and I took more than I should have, and like the feeling" Utah's prescription drug problem is being called an epidemic. Last year more Utahns died as a result of over-the-counter or prescription drug overdoses than died in automobile crashes. via - Original Story

tisdag 31 juli 2007

Interior door locks could save lives in the classroom

"I have a gun and I know how to use it!A Get out of the car, you scumbags!" Topic: Interior door locks could save lives in the classroom Quote I'm pretty sure Utah teachers can carry a conceal handgun.A That might be why Utah is one of the few states which has never has a school ... via Daily Herald - Original Story

måndag 30 juli 2007

Burned by blazes

"I wouldn't be surprised if these four counties are experiencing the same problems of the other 25 counties." Jim and Carolyn Ockey, of Nephi, whose property was badly damaged in the Salt Creek fire, attend a conference in Salt Lake City that aimed to help farmers and ranchers. via Salt Lake Tribune - Original Story

fredag 27 juli 2007

IDX Expands Consumer Base and Increases Leads for St. George GMAC Real Estate

Using IDX Broker, St. George GMAC Real Estate is able to extend its services to a larger population of consumers /24-7PressRelease/ - EUGENE, OR, July 27, 2007 - IDX, Inc. via Press Release News From 24-7 Press Re... - Original Story

onsdag 25 juli 2007

Supporters Push For Vote On Extra Utah House Seat

Supporters of new House seats for Utah and the District of Columbia predicted they have enough support to win a vote in the Senate on a "great civil rights issue." In a conference call with reporters Tuesday, advocates said they are pushing for a vote before the Senate leaves on its August break. While they don't have a commitment from Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., they are confident the bill could pass if it lands on the calendar. "When push comes to shove, people are not going to deny this going through," said Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, who backs the bill along with fellow Utah Republican Sen. Bob Bennett. Read more - Original Story

måndag 23 juli 2007

County to ban fireworks

"Anything where there are victims, we respond with local agencies to the scene and assist the victim" The recent string of wildfires in Southern Utah has been cause for concern among members of the Iron County Commission. via The Spectrum Online Edition - Original Story

lördag 21 juli 2007

Utahns back alternative fuels

"We need to be in the process of controlling these emissions" By enormous margins, Utahns want alternative fuels developed in a fight against global warming. via Deseret News - Original Story

torsdag 19 juli 2007

Summer Showers Bring No Heat Relief

It's been 41 days since there was any recordable rain in Salt Lake City. That's a bit shy of the state record of 63 days without rain set between Sept. 11 and Nov. 12, 1952, but throw in above average temperatures and the result is a hot dry summer in Utah. "We had days with 3 percent relative humidity," said Monica Traphagen, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service here. "While we're dry here, we're not usually that dry." Thunderstorms rolling through recently have raised humidity levels, but as of Tuesday they had delivered no measurable rain, she said. Read more - Original Story

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söndag 15 juli 2007

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onsdag 11 juli 2007

måndag 9 juli 2007

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torsdag 5 juli 2007

onsdag 4 juli 2007

söndag 1 juli 2007

Quick-Moving Utah Wildfire Kills 3 Men

"It really is going to be a long-term fire as well." Three men who were working in a hay field died after being overcome by a wildfire burning in eastern Utah. via Fox News - Original Story

lördag 30 juni 2007

Pic Alas! Sightseeing is such sweet sorrow

Don't be stubborn, there's lots to do between plays. There is always plenty to do outside the theater during the run of the Utah Shakespearean Festival in Cedar City, Utah. via Colorado River Weekender - Original Story

onsdag 27 juni 2007

's blantantly liberal aganda

Pages: [ 1 ] 2 Author Topic: The Daily Herald's blantantly liberal aganda How did conservative Utah Valley get such a blatantly liberal "hometown" paper? I have asked myself this question over and over as I ... via The Daily Herald - Original Story

tisdag 26 juni 2007

Executed Man's Guilt Is Questioned

"I tried probably 60 homicide cases and a number of those were capital murder cases" To the very end, convicted killer Larry Griffin shouted his innocence to the world _ through court filings, in pleas to the governor and to nearly any reporter willing to listen. via KSL-TV Salt Lake City - Original Story

söndag 24 juni 2007

The link between labor and immigration

Topic: The link between labor and immigration This week, just before it turns again to immigration, the Senate takes up the Employee Free Choice Act , which would restore to America's workers the right to join ... via Daily Herald - Original Story

fredag 22 juni 2007

Clinton no more immoral than Bush

Topic: Clinton no more immoral than Bush While nearly three-fourths of the people in the United States have finally come to the conclusion that George W. Bush is nothing more than a dangerous, simple-minded ... via The Daily Herald - Original Story

tisdag 19 juni 2007

Officials Confirm Death Of Killer Bear

"Events of this type are extremely rare in Utah." The bear tracked down and killed by wildlife officers and hounds Monday was the one that dragged an 11-year-old boy from his family's tent in the Utah wilderness and killed him, officials said after an examination of its remains.Authorities also said the bear, weighing as much as 300 pounds, probably was the same one who had been harassing campers earlier in the weekend.Katie Baker of CBS station KUTV reports the first complaint about an "aggressive bear" was received Saturday night. Another was made Sunday, harassing another group of campers in the same spot before dawn Sunday. Kurt Francom said his son, Jake, was kicked in the head through a tent wall. Read more - Original Story

söndag 17 juni 2007

Utahns at war: Numbers swells

"These are bittersweet days for me" A year of record-low call-ups for Utah's military reservists ended this week with the deployment of the largest Utah National Guard unit to receive orders for a tour of duty in Iraq since 2005. via Salt Lake Tribune - Original Story

fredag 15 juni 2007

U.S. District Judge in Utah blasts Bush administration push for 'one-size-fits-all justice'

"Judges are the ones who look the defendants in the eyes. They hear from the victims. They hear from the prosecutors." The Bush administration is trying to roll back a Supreme Court decision by pushing legislation that would require prison time for nearly all criminals. via Salt Lake Tribune - Original Story

torsdag 14 juni 2007

Teachers from Mexico to Help Fill Positions in Utah School Districts

"These are very qualified teaching candidates who are proficient in English." Posted on 06/12/2007 2:02:41 PM PDT by batter Several Utah school districts have just hired a total of 12 new teachers from Mexico. via Free Republic - Original Story

måndag 11 juni 2007

Bill offers hope for people living in fear

Topic: Bill offers hope for people living in fear Since the average Utahan is the victim of a violent crime every 445 years on average , it will be over 20,000 years on average before a gay person is the victim ... via Daily Herald - Original Story

söndag 10 juni 2007

A couple of interesting sites

Here's a few interesting sites I found while scouring the web: - An upcoming Java tutorial site

Mazda 6 blog - A blog about the car Mazda 6

Take care, I'll be back with some Utah news real soon :)

lördag 9 juni 2007

Nik's knack: Title for Arrhenius

"I knew that I'd have to probably take it out if I wanted to run my race plan, which was to keep it on a solid pace and do what I could to finish strong in the end" One Utah native had a dream ending, and another a successful runner-up finish, making Friday a day to remember for Utah collegians at the NCAA Track and Field championships. via Deseret News - Original Story

torsdag 7 juni 2007

Utah rates 27th in U.S. in energy efficiency

"Several states have adopted more stringent standards and set standards for additional appliances" In energy efficiency, Utah scores an unimpressive 27th out of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, according to a national "report card" released Tuesday. via Deseret News - Original Story

tisdag 5 juni 2007

LDS Church members should be politically involved

Topic: LDS Church members should be politically involved The percentage of Utahns who are adherents of the LDS faith is 62.4% . The percentage of the Utah legislature who are adherents of the LDS faith is 90%. ... via Daily Herald - Original Story

måndag 4 juni 2007

Dumb double-white-lines on a headache-driven highway

"It is a fundamental tenet of the Republican Party that government ought not intrude in the private lives of individuals where no state purpose is served, and there is nothing more private or intimate than who you live with and who you love" Topic: Dumb double-white-lines on a headache-driven highway Your exageration is as idiotic as saying the law wants you to do nothing but look over your shoulder the entire time because at some point you will ... via Daily Herald - Original Story

fredag 1 juni 2007

Utah Uranium Announces Acquisition of Family Butte Mine Property

"Company") (OTCBB: UTUC) is pleased to announce the acquisition of a 100% interest in approximately 112 mineral claims, consisting of 2,075 acres in the San Rafael Mining District, Utah, herein known as the "Family Butte" Utah Uranium Corp. is pleased to announce the acquisition of a 100% interest in approximately 112 mineral claims, consisting of 2,075 acres in the San Rafael Mining District, Utah, herein known as the "Family ... via Earth Times - Original Story

onsdag 30 maj 2007

Utahns fail to advance at national spelling bee

"I don't want to talk right now" Kunal Sah, a Green River teen who had hoped his showing at the Scripps 2007 National Spelling Bee would lead to a reunion with his deported parents, did not advance beyond the first round of the competition, ... via Deseret News - Original Story

måndag 28 maj 2007

Clear victory for Bush

"It's not what you don't know that hurts you. It's what you know that just ain't so." Topic: Clear victory for Bush My students are bored with you, WRZ. You must be teaching at the Utah Mental Hospital. via The Daily Herald - Original Story

lördag 26 maj 2007

Memorial Day Travel Up Slightly, More than 346,000 Utahns Expected To Travel, Says AAA

"This year our AAA Travel survey projects that the average household will spend $594 during Memorial Day weekend" As summer vacation season officially begins, travelers will inevitably be paying higher prices for the luxury of getting out of town. via Utah Business - Original Story

torsdag 24 maj 2007

Audit: Millions Spent To Teach Kids Of Immigrants

"They need to help us pay for those." Educating the children of illegal immigrants in Utah cost $54.9 million to $85.4 million in the 2005-06 school year, a wide range that reflects the difficulty of counting the population, according to an audit released Tuesday. Some lawmakers want the federal government to reimburse the state for the costs it incurs as a result of illegal immigration, although a bill by Rep. Karen Morgan, D-Cottonwood Heights, directing the Utah attorney general to find a way failed earlier this year. Illegal immigration is a contentious issue in Utah, where the state's growing economy has made it an attractive place for those seeking work. Read more - Original Story

tisdag 22 maj 2007

Huntsman, Schwarzenegger ink global warming pact

"Governor Schwarzenegger's leadership on this issue, where the federal government has failed, is instrumental" With a flourish of pens and handshakes, Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. and California Gov. via Deseret News - Original Story

söndag 20 maj 2007

Wind farm clears hurdle

"It was a good deal for the school." Utah County cleared the way for Utah's first commercial wind farm at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon, where winds blow 30-40 mph almost like clockwork every night. via Casper Star Tribune - Original Story

lördag 19 maj 2007

Small Plane Crashes Near Morgan

A small plane crashed Friday in Morgan County. A small plane has crashed at a grass landing strip near Morgan, Utah. via - Original Story

torsdag 17 maj 2007

Ikea to open in Draper May 23

"There's a lot of awareness of the Ikea brand in the Utah market. It's a vibrant, populous metropolitan area and a fast-growing one with new homes and new young families." Daily Herald To die-hard Ikea fans, the name connotes a one-stop shop for affordable contemporary D-I-Y furniture. via Daily Herald - Original Story

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